Speaking - Be the Mascot!
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“I’ve never seen my kids so engaged.”

-Nicole Martin, Conference Organizer, Orange County, CA

Sarah Collette loves working with teenagers.


Truthfully, this is not something most adults would say on a daily basis, but working with youth has been Sarah’s life for the last 8+ years. Through the use of humor and storytelling, she opens young minds to receive wisdom, inspiration, and concrete action steps to embrace (and improve) their unique selves.

“Sarah is a terrific motivator for teens. She has the perfect combination of infectious energy and stealth wisdom that slips in under the defenses of even the most cynical youth.”

-Amy Grat, CEO International Trade Education Programs, Inc. (ITEP)

Audience: Teenagers and Young Adults


“Embrace Failure: Be the Mascot!”


This message focuses on self-esteem and creating unshakeable self-confidence the hard way—by embracing life’s obstacles, mistakes, and failures. Failure can be a powerful tool for self-improvement if one is willing to take the risk.


Topics covered:

  • What self-esteem is, & how to GROW it
  • How to BUILD self-confidence
  • How to objectively analyze FAILURE & NOT take it personally
  • Trust in and EMBRACE your authentic, unique selves

Audience: High School Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors & their Parents


“To College, or Not to College”


Do you have students who are college-bound, on the fence, or have flat out decided not to pursue higher education? This presentation takes a thorough, objective look at this critical decision-making process. With over 8 years of experience working with high school youth, including her role as Executive Director of the Princeton Review in St. Louis, Sarah has a lot to say about the college admissions process.


Topics covered:

  • Is college right for me?
  • How to approach thinking about college
  • Don’t give up before you’ve begun
  • Full application timeline
  • Baby steps: how to start TODAY

“Sarah is simply incredible. She has come to our school numerous times and presented to our students; most notably for me is when I had her present to our entire Freshman class about everything college related. Her energy and ability to connect with students is unparalleled. A consummate professional, Sarah is always prepared, on time, reliable, and wonderful to work with. I cannot recommend her enough!”

– Tanja Sadowski, College Counselor, Notre Dame Academy High School