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“Failure is your friend.”


Sarah Collette is a Youth Speaker and Motivational Humorist for teens and young adults. She has worked in the youth and education industry for over 8 years, with students from every socio-economic condition, and in public, private, charter, and magnet schools, in after-school programs and student organizations. Collectively she has spoken to over 10K students and families on topics ranging from self-esteem and failure to college admissions. She has the ability to transform a room of students from hysterical laughter to complete silence within seconds.


Following her college graduation, where Sarah earned two degrees in four years and finished Magna cum Laude, Sarah moved to Los Angeles, California where she pursued acting and stand-up comedy.  Along the way, she worked with a few different educational non-profit organizations, where she discovered a passion for teaching and advising students.  Several years later, Sarah was offered a position at the Princeton Review, and was subsequently promoted to  Executive Director of the St. Louis office.  Sarah has a wealth of knowledge and experience to offer today’s youth, as well as their parents.

“I have never seen a ‘bad’ student. I’ve seen students act out, students who’ve been written off by teachers and/or administrators; students who’ve been given-up-on by the adults in their lives; and students assume they weren’t going on to colleges and careers. But I have never seen a student wake up and say, ‘I’m going to be a screw-up; my goal is to be a complete failure.’”

– Sarah Collette

Have Sarah speak at your upcoming:


  • Student Leadership Conference
  • High School Assembly
  • Teen Summit Program
  • Back-to-School Orientation
  • Student Leader Training
  • Youth Retreat